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Artist Bio

I come from a long family history of travelers, explorers, artists, writers and teachers in whose footsteps I too have followed.  Sandwiched between two incredibly creative and brilliant parents and two brilliantly talented daughters, who each have found their own niche in art and writing, I didn’t really have a chance.  I tried to box it in and contain it for too many years, but eventually my frame could contain it no longer.   Call it destiny.  Call it God’s calling.  Whatever it is, I can no more deny the creative yearnings of my soul than waylay the sun.   


I have been a teacher for over 26 years.   Seeing the dawn of understanding and the discovery of their own creativity and intelligences in the eyes of children fills my heart with untold joy.  Seeing their  smile of enthusiasm and self-confidence as they grow in these areas, gives me a deep fulfillment.  Yes, I know now it is the specific path that God has rolled out before me.  Personally, I’ve been writing and illustrating four books, one inspirational, one adult mystery, one juvenile, and one epic poetry.  I have a fair amount of wanderlust and enjoy exploring the world and its cultures.  When I have the chance, you’ll find me walking, bicycling, hiking, rafting, kayaking, exploring, gardening, or just quietly observing and listening.  My passions for painting, inspirational writing, poetry and photography are themselves inspired by all of these things.

Note:  Photo of children in Linnie's art studio class is at least 10 years old so as to protect the students.
Linnie Aikens is an artist from Santa Barbara.



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