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Cathedral Spires, Yosemite, CA


Often the dark moments of my life sometimes feel like these photo, taken by a close friend of mine.  Dark, cold, stormy, backlit by light and the promise of warmth and clear skies. I would call this perhaps the Autumn of my Life. Cold rain and snow of life makes it more difficult to move and see one’s direction, but if I look up, beyond the trees, beyond the clouds, I see the stark beauty of the snow-laden, jagged peaks of my life.  Climbing them may feel torturous at times, and certainly strenuous and sometimes defeating if I allow it, but the work in climbing them teaches me new things about myself.  I have the promise of a summit view, full of light and clarity when I arrive.  The view and understanding is at the top. The contrast is stunning and beautiful in itself, and I would be remiss in not appreciating it for want of an easier time of life.


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