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First Solo Art Show (Oct. 2015 - Feb. 2016) The Java Station, Santa Barbara, CA 

In the past 2 1/2 years since I threw all caution to the wind, quit my “lucrative” career in teaching, all to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming an artist, many a time I wondered what on earth I’d been thinking!  The first lesson learned; teaching IS lucrative--it just depends on your perspective!  MY perspective previously had been comparing myself to other professionals with similar education, and raising two daughters on my own.  My perspective now is from living on 1/3 of that income in Santa Barbara and having to rent rooms in others’ homes...but that’s a story for another day (and I have those in abundance)!


This weekend I put up my first solo show at the Java Station, a wonderful local coffee house, which years ago had been converted from a gas station.  It’s casual-funky in the local sort of way that the old Mesa Coffee House was, or Muddy Waters, both now gone, sadly.  I love that the owners painted the Java Station in the fun colors, as depicted in my painting.  I feel so blessed that they liked my work so much that they asked me to leave it up for four months or so....unheard of normally.  They really do need better lighting for showing artwork, though, but maybe my show will prompt them to do that.  Thank you to David and Noah for allowing me to exhibit there.  

The above is a painting I did for Java Station in thanks.


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