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This summer I follow the Volcanic Legacy Trail from my first night on the McCloud River, to a two days on the Oregon Coast, then follow the Rogue River inland, take a trip down the Rogue, visit Crater Lake National Park, Ashland, Mt. Shasta, Lava Bed National Park, Medicine Lake, then Lassen National Park.  Luckily, I’m traveling with a geologist and botanist expert to add to the learning experience!

Crater Lake, Oregon, at the northern end of the Volcanic Legacy Trail.

The Pinnacles created by the weathering of ash from the volcano and sculpted by the water runoff through the canyons.

Beautiful view of the islands in the middle of Crater Lake and the backlit clouds reflected across the water.

The REAL Batcave!  Lava Beds National Monument is woven with these batcaves created under the hardened lava flows in the area.  Bats really are hanging from their feet in them the farther back you go!

Another volcanic crater and bat cave opening, from the inside looking out.  Indian paintbrush flowers accented the barren land with their sharp bursts of color.

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