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Kelvin Grandy Grant Sept. 8, 1958 - Sept. 14, 2016


Yesterday I discovered I'd lost a dear, dear friend and past fiancé of many years, Dr. Kelvin Grandy Grant. I've never met a man more driven to give back to the world—on top of having a doctorate in agronomy and a juris doctorate, he gave his time and heart to teaching young people, establishing several scholarships for others to attend college, serving our country in the armed forces, serving his community as a city commissioner and President of the Farm Bureau, he was a scientist who cared for and understood farmers and was also committed to helping others regain health as a physical trainer. He loved his daughter, Nisaa, to the ends of the universe and back, he and I raised our daughters through the teen and college years together, supporting one another and our daughters through our collective, hard-earned wisdom of learning from our mistakes.


I'm sorry we never seemed to get our corn rows lined up parallel, finding our way back to one another, as we'd always told each other we would.  Just 2 weeks ago he'd told me that he would always love me to his dying day.  My heart breaks now.


I know he'd be upset that all of this didn't fall on a year or month or day that was a multiple of 5, an endearing OCD personality trait of his. Well, dear one, we were connected for beautiful 10 years, so perhaps this will have to suffice.


I will deeply miss his "just do it", "hard work and clean living" mantras in our conversations. I am a better person for having had Kelvin as a close friend for so many years. (This is a painting I did of him a number of years back, now willed to dear Nisaa.) I will miss you, Maize Farmer.


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