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Return to Blog–Quiet Panáche

Summerland Beach, CA


Life has been a quiet tempest around me for so many months as I, in essence, reinvent myself-- moving across country again, major career change and job hunting, establishing new priorities...and finally here I find myself walking in peace and joy along the beaches of my life.  The wind of uncertainty still whips my hair around at times, and the chilly waves of fear of the unknown lap at my feet, but the gentle roar of the ocean reminds me that I am alive, protected and invigorated to move forward.  While I may not know the future, my vision is clearer, more perceptive to the beauties and nuances of life and love.  My heart is at rest for the first time in years perhaps.  Stirring up one’s life and shaking it upside down, then right side up, often brings the best to the surface!  I am grateful for the, that is!


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