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Tijeras, Mazano Mtns., NM


I will miss my little mountain home high in the Tijeras Mountains above Albuquerque.  Today I took my pup out in my backpack and enjoyed my first real snow day, when I didn’t have to go to work, that is, and I could enjoy it.  I’ve noticed that it’s coldest in those wee hours between midnight and madrugada, fitting because it’s my favorite time of day.  I watched and listened to the howling wind as the snow taps on the tin roof, and snuggled into my fleece blanket while I sipped my peppermint mocha coffee. The snow began about 3 am, and about 5:30 am I ventured out to try and capture the mood.  Only on early snowy mornings is one lucky enough to see that illusive icy, deep prussian blue--a blue rich in depth, holding its secrets tightly to its chest.  Yet, what most inspired me this morning was my walk back to the house.

There, nestled in the pines, spruce and firs, glowed warmly the lights of my home--a temporary haven for a few months, but the one I’ve loved best in all my years of homes.  Perfect size, perfect layout, perfect feel, with it’s wraparound porch and beautiful natural wood moldings throughout.  For only 700 square feet, it has 10 good sized windows, bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside of every room.  I feel quite blessed!  



While this lovely mountain home has been a gift to soothe my weary soul, it is also a symbol to me of how important the warmth and love and support of home can bring.  By home I mean family and close friends.  It occurs to me that one of the greatest lessons I have learned in this move across several states is the value of family and friends.


I think our culture, at least in the USA, has raised several generations of those of us who’ve learned that being independent and not needing others is sign of maturity and strength.  I know I’ve spent my whole life wearing my lone-wolf mentality of independence like a badge of honor.  “I pull myself up by my bootstraps, and I don’t need anyone’s help....not a man’s, not family’s nor friends’ help.  To do anything less would be weak.”  I think perhaps God was trying to teach me something here, and it’s taken me six months to hear it.  


Of course today I feel quite content by myself in my delightful cozy home nestled into the snow-covered landscape, but my heart knows that we were made to need one another.  Not only do we need our family and my friends for our own support, but we need to be able to actively love and give to them as well.



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