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Tijeras, NM


Today was my first day driving in the snow.  At 3:13 I awoke to the howling wind and crinkling on the tin roof of my Tijeras Cabin.  I bundled my pup up in my jacket and cozy yarn scarf, because there was absolutely no way he was going to let me go outside leaving him to miss out on the fun!  We’d only had about an inch by this point, but I was enamored!  Crunching along the wrap-around porch in my $6 boys snow boots that I’d found at Cedar Crest Thrift, I inspected the snow covering the railing. 


Did you know that there are different kinds of snowfall?  Well, it didn’t really occur to me, being from the warm climes of Santa Barbara.  When I’d been in the Colorado Rockies, the snow fell like delicate little flakes that softly landed on my tongue like a weightless wafer placed on one’s tongue during communion.  If fact, the experience of falling snow was quiet spiritual to my thinking.  In New York, while taking my daughter on her college tours through Cornell University and Renssaeler Polytechnic, the snow fell like great white sheets, whiting out everything as far as the eye could see.  The sundry of textures created by the things under the snow were the only variations in the total white...that and the reflections of sunrises, sunsets and car lights across the landscape.  I realized then why people are drawn to paint snow, and why it’s so difficult to truly capture in paint.  Perhaps, it’s similar to my fascination with painting light on water...or light on most anything, actually!  But today was a whole NEW kind of snow!  Tiny little while balls of a whole range of values of white.  Some were silver and translucent in icy splendor, catching the lights from my lit interior of the cabin.  Some were as opaque and stark white as a fresh cotton ball from the bag.


Driving to work, as I entered the downtown (Uptown ABQ), I noticed that the trees had been wrapped in white holiday lights sometime in the past week.  As the wind whipped through the avenue, the trees swayed and shivered, as if they were children trying to wriggle out of their uncomfortable Christmas sweaters.  The thought made me smile all day!


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