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As I sit here sipping my tea, pondering making momentous changes in my life, I take great pleasure in my little garden.  With the onset of Spring, I planted a small area outside my door...brussel sprouts (their plants, giant flowers in themselves), Chinese Peas,  jalepeño, thai chili, eggplant, cucumber and sweet peas.  Then some weeks back I planted two wine barrel planters with herbs:  chives, sage, oregano, thyme, lemon thyme, sweet basil, german basil, thai basil, winter savory, summer savory and cilantro.  They sandy soil and good mulch is helping them grow like gangbusters!  I am hoping the resident gopher on the other side of the house doesn’t discover this bounty.  He pretty much took out our entire lettuce crop and had a sumptuous feast nightly!  


I love to watch the plants grow every day.  Each and every day I can see a new leaf, flower or another inch grown.  My profession, while completely inspiring, growth in humans takes much longer!  Oftentimes we teachers don’t get to see the real growth until after a child has left us and moved on to a new teacher, new grade, new school... It’s a labor built on faith, hope and love, and yes, exhausting amounts of work that just never ever seems to get done completely!  We teachers were sitting in a meeting last week working on an important curriculum collaboration and documentation....after a full day of teaching, several meetings at lunch, before school, etc., and we were quite honestly brain dead.  We were so tired that we weren’t even able to summon the correct vocabulary to speak intelligibly.  We all cracked up and reflected how this kind of work should be done when our brains were fresh,...alas, with the budget limitations and teaching all day...  Someone brought out chocolate and we laughed at our next best alternative, before we tried to refocus again.  Alas..... In a perfect world......!


So my little garden cheers me and reminds me that something does grow with my help; I know because I can see it and smell it so fragrantly!  I love the lushness of this garden setting for my little home at present!  It has been a gift.  I look forward to my adventure ahead in Albuquerque though!


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