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Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara, CA


My daughter and I used to love coming out here to eat breakfast on the wharf at Moby Dick’s.  The original owner, recently passed away, loved Mireya and would carve her these little white whales and place one on her table every Saturday morning with a balloon attached to it.  Today I sit alone, marveling at the beauty, the fresh hope of a new day as I watch the fog burning itself off over the Mesa, where I live.  What a gift to have been able to live here these past 36 years.


There’s something so peaceful about being up at the break of dawn, sitting out by the ocean and watching the sun break through the fog, highlighting different spots in the city, sunbeams like giant spotlights, all serving to remind me to stop and look.  Stop and look at the beauty of each moment, each sight.  As fog burns off, the impressionist landscape and seascape begins to define itself, and color becomes more saturated and distinct.  All of this is done so gradually that the viewer is forced to stop and take notice at each stage, appreciating.  How can one NOT appreciate this?!  Yet we do.  We get busy in our very busy lives, doing our very important tasks, solving very important issues....or so we feel at the time.  But during a Saturday morning respite with a view such as this, one is forced to put our lives in gentle perspective.  It always reminds me to breathe....taking the fresh salt air in as deeply as possible, over and over until I feel the tension of my life ease away like the gentle lapping of the waves against the pilings below my chair where I now sit.  I must learn to live more fluidly, be more conscious, live more in the present.


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