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San Simeon State Beach, CA


I watched a TED Talk today by Amy Cuddy about the power of body positions and body language.  I need to be more conscious of my own body language.  I can see so many applications to my work situation with parents and administration especially.  "Fake it til I become it" is good advice, but tempered with living from my heart.


In the past, I often closed in on myself when someone expressed him/herself in a loud, forceful or aggressive way....why, I don't know---well, I know that counselors in the past have attributed it to PTSD, but I also chose not to let myself be labeled and defined by that.  Being different was a choice.  This past week I learned that while there are still some triggers in me, I easily recognize them as such and I don't let it sink in too far and let them govern how I feel about myself.  It shows me that I am right in choosing to live differently and not falling back into old habits that don’t serve me any more.  


I choose to live more effectively, openly and warmly, no matter how others respond to me.  It is important to put back my shoulders, smile and exude confidence....yet live from my heart.  Walking where there is a Big Sky, reminds me to open and embracing without holding tightly to people or situations....allowing others to be who they are, for good or for bad, without letting them change how I feel about myself.  It makes me more effective, giving and loving, or so it is my hope.



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