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Buttermilk Falls, Ithaca, NY


I flew to New York to spend Thanksgiving with my youngest daughter.  We hiked up to several waterfalls and watched the sunset. We drank coffee together when the sun rose.  She couldn’t wait for me to arrive because I was the only one she would trust to help her paint her kitchen and living room, she said.  For some reason, I took great joy in that knowledge!  Now that she is officially an adult, we were recreating our relationship as fellow adults, cooking and laughing together as we argued politics, economics and aesthetics, not to mention the best way to make buttermilk pancakes.  Not surprisingly, she outshone me in the kitchen, and we found ourselves evenly matched in our Bananagrams Tournament.



I laughed to discover that, like me, she opts for the longest and highest vocabulary rather than the fast and easy two-letter word strategy for winning.  It brought a private smile to my heart to realize how alike we are in many, many ways.  I keep this to myself, however.  She wouldn’t thank me to apprise her of these observations!  No one at 21 wants to think she’s like her mother!!  I’m not afraid to say that she is smarter, funnier, more creative and gifted than I am.  It pleases me more than I can express.  She is such a joy to me!


An unexpected treat was to see how much she enjoys hiking through the beautiful forests and hills of upstate New York.  This was the girl who told me at 9 years old, on a 5000 mile road trip through 12 national parks, that "if you've seen one mountain, you've seen 'em all!"  I'm so pleased that an appreciation for nature was planted despite her best efforts to resist when younger!  I think we girls did the same when I was young, but only I have carried that love of nature throughout my lifetime. 

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