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“Driving up the Gold Coast” - Hwy 101 through Gaviota Pass near Lompoc, CA


Heading off for my next adventure...this time up to Northern California to the Gold Country.  The landscape here is every bit as beautiful in an entirely different way.  These lovely rolling hills of yellowed grass highlight stately old oak trees.  These, honestly, are some of my most favorite trees.  They grow from the tiniest seed and send out strong roots that stabilize the tree through countless storms, drought, fire.  They have a sturdy elegance to which I feel akin.  Each one has it’s own character and personality--as if one could read every emotion that crosses their faces!  In the late afternoon I just love their long shadows cast gently over the grass, like wide nets cast out, not to capture, but rather to protect the wildlife from the elements.  I suppose that if I were to pick one tree to describe me, it would be the oak. 



I recently learned that it takes an oak 70-80 years and 20 inches in diameter before it has viable seeds.  No wonder its saplings become so firmly rooted and are among the longest living trees!  Mankind could learn a thing or two from the oaks!  No wonder folklore associates wisdom with the oak.


Folklore also says, “Sitting with an Oak tree will soothe the nervous system and help you solve some knotty problems. It will bring deep calm and the will to survive... People needing Oak are usually strong and determined people, hard workers who will not complain and who will work relentlessly without a holiday. Sometimes this can be seen in mothers, who look after the family without a break and never admit to being overworked or under stress. Their enormous contribution is not always recognized or recompensed. This is partly the oak-type fault, as they feel an inner reluctance to appear weak in the eyes of others, and are worried about becoming dependent, and so do anything rather than ask others for help. Taking the Bach flower remedy will soften this attitude and bring new vitality, easing tension and bringing a more easy-going element to life.”


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Alas, if this is true, it’s understandable why I’ve always gravitated to the oak, for this describes a strong side of me!




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