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Zion National Park, Springdale, Utah


Once it began to cool down, I drove up past the canyon where you can only take the shuttle and pulled off to do a short hike off the beaten path.  Definitely less people but more wildlife.  I ran into this young buck eating dinner along the bank, and I sat down to watch him in silence.  He looked up once, cocked his ears, but after assuring himself that I was no threat, he went right on eating.  At one point, he slipped on the rock and had to climb his way back up the rock.  Any deer I’ve seen in the past were merely walking through flatlands.  It was something of a treat for me to sit and observe in delight the movements of this beautiful creature.

And of course, my squirrels!  I was fascinated with how well they were camouflaged in their environment. I know they’re pesky little creatures, but that’s only because people fed them and they’ve learned that where there are people, there’s food.  It’s funny to watch them scuffle when staking their claim; it’s a flurry of bushy tails!


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