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 All I want to do is unroll my sleeping bag in the back of my truck and sleep!  I hate that 10 hour drive through the desert.  It's not the same as driving in the desert through Arizona or the high desert of Utah and the Colorado Plateau.  Except for the exceptional beauty of the stretch of Joshua Trees outside of Barstow, the drive is dead heat through nearly dead small towns and the occasional city of beautiful new empty homes that no one can afford to rent or buy.  If they COULD afford to rent or buy such a home, they certainly would settle off the Pear Blossom Highway or outside Victorville!  Then there's Las Vegas, just about my least favorite city in the world.  I pretty much put the pedal to the floor and try and get past Las Vegas as fast as possible.  The countryside only starts distracting me once I get past Mesquite and make my way through the Virgin River Gorge.  Of course, one can't be distracted through this narrow, windy gorge, because it has been under construction for decades it seems.  Sometimes I see crazy rock climbers in one area, who must have a death wish if you ask me.  Alas, I am finally here and the worries and stresses of teaching is just now finding room to ease out of me.  I've needed this vacation for so long.  I will miss my daughter though.  It used to be our thing to come here!



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