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Alice Keck Memorial Gardens, Santa Barbara, CA


"Old Loves"



A male friend of mine and I were sharing about old loves, lost loves, unfulfilled loves of our past.  I found myself reflecting a moment on those, his and mine, and felt such a peace.  Never one to follow society’s strictures of  emotionally discarding, or worse, badmouthing, past loves, instead I cherish them each for their special role in my life at that time and their own unique gifts to the world.  Every person has worth and beauty.  I look for it and choose to see it--even the ones who may have had a less than positive affect on my life.  I recognize that I, in part, contributed to how they related to me.  I also feel blessed to know that even the most difficult of relationships helped me grow into the woman I am today.




Vincent Van Gogh once said, “Love is eternal.  The aspect may change, but not the essence.”    I hold each of these people in a quiet room in my heart, not forgotten, but respectfully treasured, my heart open for the man of my dreams one day.  I would expect that just such a man would also have old loves, and I would not be jealous of them.  I would not have been ready for such a man when they knew him.  Nor would he have been ready then for the woman I have become.  There’s a decided beauty in that.



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