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Photographic Mural of foods at Santa Barbara Farmers Market Now on exhibit in Santa Barbara Public Schools Cafeterias

"Sol Food and Soul Food"


I hung an art exhibition at the Sol Food Festival today, and then I did one of my favorite things -- I photographed the Farmer’s Market, which was adjacent to the Festival this year.  One might laugh, but I feel the presence of something greater whenever I go to the Farmers’ Market.  A glimpse of my creator and creativity inspired.  I’ve created a number of photographic murals of this sort for various organizations and schools in town.  Food of the Sol (Sun in Spanish), beauty for the Soul.  Visiting Farmers’ Market also speaks to the heart--the heart of a community.  People meander, smelling with eyes closed in wonder, tasting new flavors, talking with neighbors, catching up, laughing, listening to troubadours ....    all of it a divine sensuality that extends far beyond the usual understanding of the word.  I feel alive here.




I’m thankful for this gift, especially in a time of sadness and impending loss, uncertainty...   I’m reminded that there is something, someone greater than myself ...  I take another fortifying breath, nourished by the sol/soul food in my life, and face the next challenge ahead.  


Sol="sun" in Spanish (light, energy, action)

Sun = Son (Christ) in my faith (life-giving, sustaining and blessing)

.....for the "soul"


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