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 "My Many Gardens"



My English Garden 2009:  Pat Austin Standard Roses, Heirloom Sweet Peas, CA Poppies, Foxglove, Lizyanthus, Lobelia, Ranuculas, Joseph’s Coat Roses, Stock, Penstemon, asters, delphinium, yellow climbing rosess, Cecil Burner Roses, Yellow fresias.


Gardening has always been one of my loves.  I miss it in my new place, which is not really my own anymore.  I love growing all of my own vegetables for my meals.  I love my flower gardens!  The garden here was my English Garden, profuse with color and scent.  Each day, I’d throw open wide my french doors of my bedroom and step into this garden.  How could I not smile, no matter how trying a day might prove?!  As a teacher I have a long-term garden-- I give my time and passion to growing strong, creative, confident children, but one often doesn’t get to see the fruits of his/her labor unless that 1 in 500 students decides to write you when they’ve grown.  Mostly, a teacher, plants her seeds on faith alone.  Each year I try to instill passion for life and learning, a heart for one’s fellow man, and an inspiration to make a difference in the world.  I do so with unceasing hope that my students will  create a world richer now, and later, because of that.  It is a profession that relies strongly on faith.


This is why gardening is so necessary to my life.  When I till the soil, I get to see the rich colors immediately and smell the loamy fertility.  Each day I walk out into my garden and rejoice with childlike delight at a new sprout, leaf or bud!  They are like tiny children of mine, come out to play and revel in the sunshine!  In the early morning hours, I marvel at the dew on the freesia petals and slim elegant finger leaves of the ornamental grasses.  The dew sits there, momentarily poised in surface tension, shivering delicately with the faint breeze.  If you really look, you can see the soft hues of a continuous spectrum arch out from those tiny prisms across the petals.  What beauty and richness far greater than money, houses, cars...  I thank God that I was given the gift to be able to notice it.  What a glorious, precious gift it is!





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