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Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens, Santa Barbara, CA 


 "Living in the NOW"


 I never realized before that although in practice I live in the present, in my thoughts and reflections, I’m always stretching back to the past to understand.  Perhaps it’s my enjoyment of history and understanding the whys of human nature and civilizations that causes me to do that.  I think this approach served me for a long time in evolving and growing into the woman I am today.  However.  It’s time to live in my immediate present.   Suddenly I hear my friend’s words in a completely different light:  “Live each day like it is the FIRST day of the rest of me life,” in response to my own comment that I was living each day as if it were my last, meaning appreciating each moment.  But living my way, I’m focusing on the past, and living his way, the past IS the past and I build on who I am today, simply, purely.  It’s as if all the dead weight I’ve carried dropped off of me.  Wow.  Duh!


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