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Koi Pond at Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens, Santa Barbara, CA 


 Yesterday afternoon I walked to the other side of town, just letting my feet go where they led.  I found myself at Alice Keck Memorial Gardens.  I sat by the pond and just rested.  My mind, body, my emotions.  I was still.  As I emptied myself of all the clutter and worries of work, life, love, family... I just let myself take in the beauty around me and listened.  The pond was a periwinkle blue with lillipads of purples and greens scattered about like nature’s beautiful confetti.  A swish of the tail of a large orange koi fish sent out little shivery circles over the water’s surface.  Likewise, the turtles moved the water as they slid into the coolness after basking themselves in the sunshine.  Across the pond I watched a few people moving their arms and bodies in the slow, graceful circles of a martial art.  I reflected on all the circles before me and the circles of life---the rhythmic flow of them, one upon the other.  I think this is my favorite movement in Kung Fu is the fluid use of the circle.  There’s a naturalness to the movement in keeping with the flow and cycles of life.  It is a constant evolving, changing, movement.  Happiness, sadness, suffering, excitement, all moving one to the other and never an end unto themselves.  There’s a peace in knowing that.


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