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Dale Chihuly is a glass artist from Tacoma, Washington.  His work utterly fascinates me!  When attending an art educator’s conference in Seattle early this year, I saw a lot of his work.  Bright, fanciful, outrageoulsy outrageous, and everything larger than life!  It’s not the kind of art you’d put in your home if you wanted a calm, serene feeling.  It is the kind of work that literally takes your breath away when viewed in grand open spaces drenched in light.  It’s the kind of art


that mesmerizes and just makes one happy....giggly so!  It makes you want to sing and dance and twirl as you watch your body change colors --- light streaming through his work lapping over you in ribbons and spots of vibrant color, bringing you into the artwork itself.  It’s a glorious experience!




People who know me often comment on the contrast of my workspace and my home.  My home is calm, peaceful, solid, like an Old Master’s painting.  My workplace/art room is a Chihuly Modern Artscape!  So too my life, my personality, my interests, my friends!  Dependable, responsible, but no one quite knows what I’m going to do next!!




Balance in all things, but never boredom.




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