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“Why do you blog?  How can you expose yourself to the public like that?”  I have been asked these questions, and those similar to them a lot these days by those close to me.  The answer is simple really.  I feel God calls me to share what I’ve learned and have been taught through life rather than squirrel it away in dusty journals stored in some box in my attic.  What would be the point?   I have been given the opportunity of a rich and a’times adventure filled life, both physically and emotionally, and for whatever reason, God gave me the gift of reflection and ways to express it. 


“What makes you think you have anything someone would care to read?” Ah!  You sound like my own self-talk for the past 30 years--hence those 42 dusty journals!  I, personally, don’t think I was set on earth to be some oracle of wisdom, if that’s what you’re thinking.  I’m an ordinary woman.  What I have been told over and over and over again throughout life is that my life’s journey should be shared.  JOURNEY....not destination or journey.  The good, the bad, the ugly---and what I’ve learned through it.  If it resonates or helps someone, then I am happy.  For most, it might be overwraught drivel perhaps!  I’m not above laughing at myself!


“Well then why don’t you just write a book then?  Make some money on it!” invariably comes the next comments.  Once upon a time I thought that was what I wanted.  These days, I’ve realized that it’s not what I’m all about.  I don’t need praise and money.  My life is but a moment in time, and if people want to borrow my words or ideas, encouragement, photos or paintings, then I am happy, for that tells me that I have contributed to their lives in some way.  I do not need to control how others receive or respond--that is as individual an experience as the differences between each snowflake.  That falls in God’s realm, not mine.


My calling is to live transparently, honestly, with integrity -- openly.  


“What about safety?  The internet is a dangerous place, you know!!”  I laugh and nod...yes, it can be, but being transparent and honest and open doesn’t mean carelessly.  No where will you find my address or email (nor those of any of my family/friends), and I use a PO Box anyway.  So, my young friends, blog if you choose, but blog safely!!.....and of course, take a self-defense class!!


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