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I twisted my ankle badly while walking in the woods today, the pain momentarily so acute that I was paralyzed. “Walk it out.  Walk it out, Linnie.”  The words ran through my mind by rote.  I did immediately... One foot in front of the other, knowing that in time it would feel better.  My trail running partner of many years back taught me this.  I remembered having twisted my ankle too many times to count when I first started running the trails of Buena Vista and Romero Canyon.  I learned to “walk it out.”  To stay paralyzed and “baby it” would only make matters worse, and I wouldn’t be able to walk on it at I determinedly pushed through the pain.


I think about how true that is in so many areas of my life.  When faced with disappointment, mistakes, accidents, discouragement...I need just walk it out.  Push forward.  Don’t give up; don’t give in to defeat or discouragement.  Have faith that things will be just as they should be---not just what I want.  The walking it out gives me time to mentally step back and be open to a different way of looking at things.    In pushing past whatever upset, I find a measure more of inner strength, and I’m that much more ahead.  The alternative is to find myself miles back with a slow recovery ahead.  I didn’t know then what an important life lesson my friend had taught me.  I know now.  


Sunset over Arroyo Burro Beach, as seen from the seacliffs above. Photo taken today.


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