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Wilcox Property/Douglas Preserve, Mesa, Santa Barbara, CA


Unrest encouraged an extra long walk today to clear out the clutter amidst my thoughts.  After 80 minutes or so, I found haven on my special perch overlooking the ocean.  Last night I saw the movie, “One Day.”  I wish I’d read the synopsis more carefully prior to going, for I went in search of a feel-good romance comedy that had no relation to reality.  What I got was a mirror of much of my life.  Two unlikely friends with a life long friendship--throughout their history, one or the other wants to get closer but the other is in a relationship at the time.  On and on and on it goes through 30 years.    I’d made a mistake; perhaps we both did, in squandering that time.  Or maybe not.  There are lessons and beauty to take from any situation.   But that is long in the past.  




Unbidden, thoughts of another come to mind, perhaps because of this branch where I sit alone.   Today I’m finally in a place where I don’t make those mistakes anymore; finally courageous enough to recognize and act upon what is good and true and beautiful, without fear.  Two very likely friends.  How many more years do we have, anyway, for such mistakes?  I don’t want to wait 30 years, only to find that he has passed.  Like the movie, I don’t want to wait even a year to find my bike under a bus and I, lying broken in the street, before he takes the chance.  There aren’t all that many “one days” left. I shouldn’t watch movies like this; they’re bad for me!!!  Ha Ha! 





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