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As I’ve been walking Mufassa, my little Malkie (Maltese/Yorkie) each morning and afternoon this week on my favorite walk, I’ve been marveling at the beauty before me.   I took this photo yesterday afternoon, because I was so in awe of the beauty bestowed upon us, beauty that so many people take for granted--beauty that often goes unseen.  The elegant grace of the Eucalyptus swaying in the light breeze and the stoic beauty of the Monterey Pine, reaching for the sun and sea even while their roots search for purchase on the eroding cliffs of time.  In the late afternoon sun, their long shadows unfurled before me, more welcoming than any red carpet.  Paynes Grey cliffs in the distance, shrouded in the encroaching mist, were framed by nature’s wood frames and leaves.  It was as breathtaking as any art gallery filled with Old Masters.  Here I had the whispers of God and many old masters of wisdom, beauty, love, forgiveness, hope, healing, patience and joy settling in the open quietness of my mind and heart.  




At work I am more high powered, much more of a leader, organizer, innovator, mover & shaker in whatever I set my hand to--your type A personality, so I find I must counterbalance that personality with quiet and peace each day--people who bring beauty and peace to my life.  People, activities and places which inspire and calm me.  For this reason, when I am away from work, I am a type B personality.  Balance is important.  I lived way too many years out of balance.




Groups of dogs romped and roamed through the trees and dried grasses, greeting one another playfully.  Their caretakers walked behind them, likewise enjoying their freedom.  There too was great beauty.  Each face with its own response--a ready smile and hello, a pensive eyehold and nod, or a eyes downward, thoughts withdrawn inward.  Each beautiful in its own way.  I wondered if they too felt the rejuvenation of their spirits here in this lovely place.  A smile on my face, I walked  home with an open heart of wonder for the rest of the day.




I arrived home yesterday to receive an email from a dear friend who’d sent me the most stunning YouTube video by Louie Schwartzberg on exactly the same topic:  This message of recognizing the beauty in everything and not only having gratitude but showing gratitude for it, has been the theme of 2011 for me.




So refreshed, I started a new painting the other day for a friend who has been an inspiration to me,  and I have been spending time updating my blog with old blog entries which honor my mother.  It’s been on my heart lately to give her tribute and honor in this.  I have been so blessed to have such an inspirational mother and friends.  It is my hope to edify them through my writings here.  I am truly blessed among women.





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