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The shutters thrown open wide I feel as if I am in in my own peaceful haven in a forest.  Three redwood trees stand outside my livingroom window, and the afternoon breeze moves soft-footed through my quiet abode.  Thoughts of people close to me tiptoe into my consciousness, people who have brought joy and sadness and richness to my life.  I would not trade a single moment.  I am truly blessed.  




I watch the garden spider spin its intricate and delicate web in front of my open window, unaware of the glass pane I will have to move between us when the night falls.  It breaks my heart to think of having to destroy that breathtakingly beautiful web because my own need for protection steps in.    This past week I felt a little like that spider.




Then I look beyond to the garden and trees, and take a deep breath, knowing tomorrow is another day for creating a momentary bit of beauty.



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