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After 30 years working for The Artisan House, as their top designer, BJ Keith moved to join Style Craft Company.  She tells me that Jerry Fels, the “Jeré in C.Jeré, under which name she worked anonymously for 3 decades, would have been the first to support her in this.  “He was always my biggest supporter and fan,” she told me once.  More metal sculptures designed by BJ Keith have been sold world-wide than any single living or past metal artist in the world.




This August at the National Home Decor Trade Show, Style Craft introduced BJ Keith under her own name.  They even created her own one-artist Gallery room to show 26 pieces of her work, a rare event in the trade show business.  Buyers from all over the US gathered to finally meet my mother, a quiet woman, who, like most artists, isn’t comfortable drawing much attention to herself.  She was overwhelmed by how many people had been following her career and were interested in meeting her!  For me, it has been a wondrous thing watching her grow and mature in her art, but even more so now, seeing her new creative energy and inspiration take flight as never before!  Mom truly is a role model and inspiration to me.  I am so proud very of you, Mom!!!




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