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This, the first day my new blog...It is much like the first new page of each of my 42 journals, or a fresh new canvas before me, each signaling an opportunity to start fresh.  Old mistakes and past failed attempts have no voice in my new page, new painting, new day.  I can choose to proceed similarly, if I am happy with my direction, or I might take a totally new path. I can bring forward the parts of me that I love, and remake the parts that I don’t.   In this fashion, I have explored so much of life, friendships, cultures and myself during the past 50 years. 




I come from a family of women who are notorious for remaking themselves...wives, mothers, artists, writers, poets.  I’ve surrounded myself with friends too who are continually growing and remaking themselves, as they explore and use the gifts and talents given them....Teresa, Kelvin, Garry, Steve, Marty, Pat.   I have been so blessed with such inspirational people in my life!  They pay it forward by their very example.



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