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I finally found the photo!  ...or rather, Mom did!    This is her holding her first metal sculpture and prototype and her longest selling item for Artisan House--nearly 30 years to date!  Although nearly all of her sculptures are abstract / non-objective FINE ART pieces now, it was this can opener that gave her her start in the field!


Here she stands in front of the Art Building at Cal State University Los Angeles, where she did her Masters work in Fine Art.  It was here that the University Department professors decided against conferring her with a BFA because they said her art was just too good...that someone must have done the work for her.  She was young and didn’t know how to fight it then.  Now her overwhelming success of her work in her field proves in the end the truth.  Shame on Cal State LA and professors whose ego was too great to allow a student to aspire to greatness.  I asked Mom about it once.  She just smiled and said, “You don’t need revenge when you’ve achieved success.”


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