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As I use the computer more and more for research, I find little gems posted on blogs and find myself drawn in to this contemporary form/forum of sharing ideas and information.  It was yesterday that I was finally prompted to launch my own blog, with the purpose of honoring, first and foremost, the inspirational and creative women in my family, and secondly, to share with the world other everyday unsung heroes in my life, people of quiet panache, big hearts and vision--creatives either through their art, science, teaching, or sense of responsibility to create change in the world. Heaven knows, we all could use a little more beauty, kindness and personal responsibility in the world. I am starting this blog because so often in our corporate, big business world, the creative faces and names behind the big bucks are lost as companies, districts, organizations take credit for their products. That's their corporate right, I suppose, to put their name on these creations to the public, but I want to personally praise and honor those who made these organizations and companies shine. I qualify here that these are all my personal opinions, and none of these unsung heroes have solicited my voice.


I begin with a series of blog posts about my mother: artist, painter, sculptor and one-time musician--BJ Keith.   I was prompted to start this blog after a series of events that happened recently:


Event #1:

While taking my daughter to Cornell University to do her college visits, we explored The Commons (downtown Ithaca). I turned to say something to her when I noticed the store window directly behind her. There, displayed were all of the very first pieces my mother ever created for Artisan House, under the pseudonym of C.Jeré, the name used to represent a group of artists at the Los Angeles based metal design company. I myself was stunned to see that the pieces that mom had designed 30 years ago were still highly sought after items. My daughter, who had never seen these pieces, was glowing with pride for her grandmother, who she considers to be her role model and inspiration for pursuing her dreams. Here is a picture of her in front of the store window of "Now You're Cooking". In the following picture are these items still being sold today by the Artisan House, only not in the original 4 foot size. The only piece not made any more is her first piece, which is the can opener. The owner had that piece mounted up behind his counter and informed me that it wasn't for sale because he couldn't get it any more, and it was his own collector's item. I explained how I wasn't looking to buy it but that my mother had designed it. He looked at me in askance as if to say, "Yeah, right." I must dig up the photo of my mother holding her first prototype of the piece back in the 70's, for all of you C. Jeré fans!

C. Jeré & BJ Keith -- Part 1  (Original Quiet Panache Blogspot Moved to this Page)

April 20, 2008



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