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This is both a personal blog and an artist blog, for it is the experiences, thoughts, reflections, convictions and people of an artist's life that influence an artist's work.  A body of artwork chronicles  the story of an artist as an individual.  While many entries may not even mention art, they make up the person behind the art.


Living transparently-- openly, quietly, honestly and hopefully courageously, and always, always moving forward.  I have been, and always will be growing, even when there are steps backward.  Since 2004, when the sun rose over the Colorado Rockies, I knew this was what I was to do---to give back that which I learn.  I’m certainly no wiser than anyone else, but I humbly allow God the opportunity to use my mistakes and learning to help others, if that is His desire for my story.  Therefore, this photo journal and blog chronicles my journey, beginning mid-life, and celebrates the heroes and loved ones in my life.  Often, they are one and the same.


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