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"Ring Cycle" (Opera by Wagner)


After my Lotusland journey, I was stymied about my next step, so I just began throwing shapes and colors on a canvas for the fun of it, experimenting with neutrals contrasted with chromas.  I haven't done much non-objective artwork at all, but found that while I was really challenged by the prospect, it was a lot freer and exciting.  I would paint "en la madrugada"--the wee hours of the morning, when most of city was asleep, while listening to opera.  In this case, it was "The Ring Cycle" by Wagner.  I don't think I consciously set out to paint a piece reflective of the music, but in the end, it appears so.  I'm with Kandinsky and many other artists in hearing music in color and line, and vice versa.  


It's funny.  My mother, a well-established artist saw this and was inspired to try it, creating a few pieces that totally put mine to shame (she's amazing).  


Here is another I started and has been sitting in my studio, waiting for whatever that something is to finish it to my satisfaction. It draws a little on the style my mother used when inspired by my original painting (turnabout is fair play, right?!!)  It's called "La Boheme" (Opera by Puccini) Maybe some spashes of bright color as contrast...?  Still pondering.  I've been listening to some new, undiscovered composers on Quora and am inspired to perhaps do some visual pieces of their work.


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